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Oscar Sux.

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Feb. 28th, 2011 | 04:48 pm

Oscar... means nothing. Not to anybody. Not at all.
"The Social Netwok" is the best movie 2011. One of really brilliant movies. From screenplay and plot to acting. Eisenberg and Garfield are new stars.
What about "The King's Speech". Yes, it's nice, but not enough for Oscar. Natalie Portman? No comments.
May be once Oscar was prestigious award. Not now. Looks like very-very-very strange choise of "Academy". F*ck this sh*t.
P.S. Colin is movie god. Old-fashion god. His time is running out. Now we need Jesse Eisenberg, Sam Riley and etc. Not him.
P.P.S. "Black Swan" - no screenplay, no plot... just ugly and skinny Natalie.


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